Katie Malcolm walks through the Silas Little Experimental Forest (Photo: Gary Colyer Jr.)

The Silas Little Experimental Forest is located on site at the field station.  In 1933, the Allegheny Forest Experiment Station and the State of New Jersey signed a cooperative agreement for a 591-acre experimental forest “for the purpose of conducting studies, experiments and demonstrations in silvics and silviculture… to solve forest problems of the region typified by conditions in southern New Jersey.” The site was initially known as the Lebanon Experimental Forest

Dr. Silas Little

In 1937, Dr. Silas Little was assigned to the Lebanon and worked there until 1979, most of that time as the research project leader. This experimental forest was renamed in his honor after his retirement.

In 2002, the Northeastern Research Station reestablished active fire research at the Silas Little with a five-year National Fire Plan grant for regional climate and fire danger modeling specific to the Pine Barrens. The research employs prescribed burns and the use of portable and fixed flux towers to monitor vegetation, soil and atmospheric conditions before and after prescribed burns.