The John Dighton Lab (left) and The Murray F. Buell Lab (right) pictured with Field Station vehicles (Photo: Gary Colyer Jr.)

The Rutgers University laboratories are housed in two modular buildings.

The Murray F. Buell lab building has areas for handling and processing of field collected samples, chemical analyses, and storage. It is equipped with ample bench space, an autoclave, two drying ovens, a muffle furnace, electronic balances, block digesters, ventilation hoods, a liquid scintillation counter, an ion chromatograph, a spectrophotometer, a wet chemistry auto analyzer, a C-N analyzer, an AA spectrometer, two growth cabinets, and refrigerators and freezers.

The John Dighton lab building houses a clean room, with incubator and laminar flow hood for fungal culture work. The building also has a Molecular lab with a PCR machine, a microcentrifuge, gel apparatus and a shaker table, and a microscopy lab equipped with stereoscopic microscopes (one with camera attachment) and compound microscopes. A large room for handling and processing of samples, equipped with ample bench space, a shaker table, refrigerators and freezers offers space for a number of visiting researchers.

Katie Malcolm prepares the autoclave in the Murray F. Buell Lab (Photo: Gary Colyer Jr.)
Joni Baumgarten analyzes soil microarthropods in the John Dighton Lab (Photo: Gary Colyer Jr.)