Rutgers University-New Brunswick Faculty

Dr. Henry John-Alder
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Dr. John-Alder is studying the causes and consequences of individual variation in physiological traits in natural populations of animals. His current research examines the roles of sex and stress steroids as regulators of seasonal and socially-induced variation in exercise endurance in male lizards. He also uses DNA fingerprinting to investigate reproductive correlates of exercise endurance in the wild.

Dr. Tamar Barkay
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Research in Dr Barkay’s laboratory is focused on the microbial ecology of the interactions of microbes with toxic metals. Several projects are focused on the role of microbes in the formation and accumulation of methylmercury in aquatic environments.

Dr. Dan Cariveau

Dr. Cariveau is investigating the role of pollinator diversity in regulating the delivery of pollination services to cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) bogs in New Jersey. Dan is also involved in a collaborative project to investigate how the intestinal microbiota of bumble bees change across disturbance gradients. Dr. Cariveau is a post-doc in the Winfree lab.

Dr. Max Häggblom
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Deptartment of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Research Dr. Häggblom‘s laboratory focuses on the biodegradation of environmental pollutants.

Dr. Lee Kerkhof
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences

Dr. Kerkhof’s expertise is using molecular approaches to study microbial ecology.

Dr. Rachael Winfree

Dr. Winfree research interests include (1) how pollinators and the pollination services they provide are affected by global change, (2) the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services, and (3) pollinator conservation and restoration.

Dr. Ming Xu
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, and Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis

Dr. Xu is working closely with Ken Clark and has set up a series of automatic soil respirometers at the field station t measure carbon flux from the forest floor. He has also installed a number of stem respirometers on the pitch pine and oak trees. His interest is in modeling carbon dynamics in forests.

Dr. Ning Zhang
Department of Plant Biology & Pathology and the Department of Biochemistry & Microbiology

Dr. Zhang is a mycologist studying various groups of Fungi.  Among her research interests are fungal biodiversity and the functional role of fungi in ecosystems.

Rutgers University-Newark Faculty

Dr. Karina Schäfer

Dr. Schäfer’s research is focused on refining carbon and water budgets of forest ecosystems under different disturbance regimes through sapflow based canopy conductance modeling of canopy assimilation and transpiration estimates.

Rutgers University-Camden Faculty

Dr. Kwangwon Lee
Department of Biology

Dr Lee’s research specialty is eukaryotic circadian system at the genetic and molecular level. His research interests also include the roll of fire in Neurospora ecology.

Dr. Angélica L. González
Department of Biology

Dr. González’s research explores how the supply, flux, and allocation of energy and matter constrain the structure and functioning of ecological systems, i.e., food webs and ecosystems.