Denise Hassinger prepares fungal samples (Photo: Gary Colyer Jr.)

The research station offers easy access to a wide range of characteristic pineland ecosystems, including pygmy pine forests, upland and lowland pine/oak communities, cedar swamps and aquatic and semi-aquatic habitats.

The unique combination of fire, hydrology and sandy, acid soils creates a rich mosaic of plant and animal communities available for research. Current research topics at the station include biogeochemical cycling in soil and freshwater systems; the role of mycorrhizal and saprotrophic fungi in ecosystem functioning; studies of soil fauna; and an emphasis on human impacts on ecosystems.

A weather station is located on the property and climatological records from 1989 are available upon request. 


Research Aims

The research aims of the group are to be multidisciplinary and relate to basic scientific hypotheses and to applied research problems within the area by:

  • Encouraging individual and joint research ventures between personnel within Rutgers University.
  • Encouraging individual and joint research ventures between Rutgers University and other organizations.
  • Encouraging greater use of the field laboratory and office in the pursuance of field ecological research.